Using the Silverlight Downloader Object

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In this screencast, you'll see how the Downloader object can be used for retrieving assets and XAML as an asynchronous background task.P>

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The Discussion

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    So is it possible to download from domains other than the one the the silverlight control was loaded from?
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    Has anyone tried to use the Downloader Object and .zip files with Silverlight Streaming? 

    I have an application that uses it and everything is working EXCEPT the content that I have inside .zip files is not working. It's not throwing any errors it's just not working.

    Any ideas?

    ".Zip has been added to the upload "allow list".

    The zip file extension has been added as a supported file type within the uploaded zip archive. You can now include zip archives to the Silverlight Streaming application package. This allows applications to use the downloader object in Silverlight."

    So it should be working according to that link. What's the deal. Anyone?

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    Ok weird...It just started working...must have been a cache issue...

    Oh happy day! Smiley

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