Xbox Friends Watch : Silverlight Sidebar Gadget

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    What can I say other than: very very cool. Thank you so much for creating this and giving us an insight into the internals.

    Kind regards,

    (Gamer Tag: polyGhost)
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    Thanks tom Smiley

    I'm working on putting together a Silverlight-based Sidebar gadget template, which I'll be posting soon.
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    My XBox Friends Watch refuses to display friends, it worked fone for a day or so then point blank refuses to display anything now.

    I put in some names seperated by a comma as per instructions, I notice you put it as "Gamertag, Gamer Tag, TAG"  as in a comma and a space in the video... This didn't work for me either.

    Any ideas?  I do have silverlight installed.
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    Ive got the same problem as Aidy which really sucks cuz I was looking forward to this. Fix it? nawr? By the way, Halo 3 is Awesome.

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    Wamp Thing

    Yea got the same problem.  This is a great idea, and it would be nice if someone would respond to this error, been looking for some kind of solution for awhile now.

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    The web service address returning the xbox data has changed. Navigate to the subdirectory called js under the directory where the gadget is installed (a hidden folder)... In Windows 7 this is C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\XboxFriendsWatch.gadget\. Open the Gadget.js file in notepad to edit. Change the GAMERINFO_URL to ""... save your changes. Close the gadget if you have it open and reload it. Now just enter up to 5 gamer tags separated by commas.



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