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This is the first of a series of short talks on how to develop (and test) World-Ready applications.

In this one, Ashwini Gupta of the Globalization team of Developer Division will introduce you to the various aspects of building World-Ready applications. She will touch on important concepts like Globalization, Localizability and Localization. You will also be made aware of common pitfalls to avoid when you are trying to reach out to different markets.

Other useful links: Microsoft GoGlobal website



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The Discussion

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    It would certainly benefit people like myself who has slow internet connection if there is a pdf version which can be downloaded as a file and then read offline. This way it is much easier to follow through.

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    Hi Patricks, thanks for the suggestion. We are definitely planning to publish several videos on the topic, starting with the more general ones and going deeper. In one (or more) of the episodes we will certainly talk about what's been added or has changed in .Net and Windows 7 ... 

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    HI ksy, thans for the sugestion. As soon as we figure out the best place to publish our materials, we will add the link to the original post. I am not sure if it will be a PDF or a PowerPoint, though.

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