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This week Garrett McGowan, a Senior PM from the Developer Division GDX team, provides background information on Windows Forms Localization and Localizability concepts, including the use of Auto Layout techniques. The video includes a live demo showing the concepts being used in practice, through the creation of a fully-localizable sample application using Visual Studio.

Other useful links:
MSDN GoGlobal website
- Microsoft GoGlobal website
- Global Developer
- Developing International Software



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The Discussion

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    Most useful screencast. It's great that Ch9 haven't forgotten about the silent majority(?) who still use WinForms.

    For those who can't yet move projects entirely from WinForms to WPF, it would be great to see more videos on how Paint events and GDI+ can be used to jazz up WinForms controls to give a WPF kind of look.

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