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It's a bit of a Catch-22 – deploying a new operating system can be an expensive proposition, but not using up to date technology can cost a business worker productivity, recruitment of top talent, and integration with customers and partners. For development shops, making sure your application runs on the latest platform contributes to the longevity of a useful product. It's exhausting trying to keep up but not to do so can mean obsolesce.

The question is, are there things you can do today to make things easier tomorrow? Coming hot on the heels of the BUILD conference and the release of the developer preview of Windows 8, Ruth Morton and Jonathan Rozenblit talk with David Remmer, Depth Evangelism Manager at Microsoft Canada and former Architect Evangelist about what you need to do to get your applications and infrastructure ready today to take advantage of tomorrow's advances.

Featured Guest: David Remmer

An industry veteran and former Senior Architect Advisor, David Remmer now heads up the Depth Evanglism Team for Microsoft Canada. David has worked solutions for the financial, multi-media, security, manufacturing, services and health care industries and specializes in leveraging advances in technology in order to realize ongoing business value within organizations.

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The Discussion

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    Great discussion on the challenges and solutions for new technologies adoption

    My time bookmarks notes of the video in minute:second approx format follow:

    1:15 technology fatigue issue and what do you need today to setup for success

    3:30 Catch-22 technology upgrade discussion

    5:25 success stories of infrastructure upgrade

    7:00 frustrations with old technologies

    7:30 how to justify moving to new technologies

    9:20 benefits of new technology are hard to quantify

    11:00 developers vs IT reaction to new technology adoption: "if it's not broken don't fix it"

    11:20 the challenge of quantifying vs qualifying

    13:35 evolution vs starting fresh with new technology

    14:00 the challenge of evolutionary deployment

    14:24 how do you plan for what you don't know?

    15:00 ability to respond to change depends on the degree of components decoupling

    15:52 80/20 rule. Last 20% is very hard to plan.   80% should be as flexible & reusable as possible.

    17:15 industry moves to standards to decouple technologies

    17:35 moving to the cloud contributes to decoupling

    19:20 example of coupling challenge

    20:00 virtualization advantages in decoupling

    22:00 the need to step back & look at the requirements = the need for a strategic view to get competitive advantages

    23:25 what are the most important emerging technologies?   HTML5 online / offline & XAML advantages

    25:30 references to web sites and future events.

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