Great discussion on the challenges and solutions for new technologies adoption

My time bookmarks notes of the video in minute:second approx format follow:

1:15 technology fatigue issue and what do you need today to setup for success

3:30 Catch-22 technology upgrade discussion

5:25 success stories of infrastructure upgrade

7:00 frustrations with old technologies

7:30 how to justify moving to new technologies

9:20 benefits of new technology are hard to quantify

11:00 developers vs IT reaction to new technology adoption: "if it's not broken don't fix it"

11:20 the challenge of quantifying vs qualifying

13:35 evolution vs starting fresh with new technology

14:00 the challenge of evolutionary deployment

14:24 how do you plan for what you don't know?

15:00 ability to respond to change depends on the degree of components decoupling

15:52 80/20 rule. Last 20% is very hard to plan.   80% should be as flexible & reusable as possible.

17:15 industry moves to standards to decouple technologies

17:35 moving to the cloud contributes to decoupling

19:20 example of coupling challenge

20:00 virtualization advantages in decoupling

22:00 the need to step back & look at the requirements = the need for a strategic view to get competitive advantages

23:25 what are the most important emerging technologies?   HTML5 online / offline & XAML advantages

25:30 references to web sites and future events.