Very interesting discussion on software development agile practices and tools. My time bookmarks in minute:seconds format follow:   

0:37 elements in SPRINT cadence are defined for good reason. Check the "what" (Sprint review) & "how" (retrospective)

2:07 smell = what went wrong on how team works (Team Foundation Server (TFS) dashboard can help)

2:47 bug reactivations is a smell indicator

3:50 other indicators of smell are shown on TFS dashboard

5:00 question on team roles and responsibilities in the face of new technology

7:00 team perception in an agile project (cohesive team size: 6 +/- 3)

7:30 more than 9 team members ==> too many communication paths for a cohesive team

8:15 use scrum of scrums for multi-team collaboration

8:57 Convey law: organizations are doomed to ship software that reflect their structure

9:55 bring work to teams rather than shuffle people

10:43 team cohesion works in your favor

11:00 agile approach in adopting new technology: build golden thread, create prototype

12:20 @jrozenblit question on agile adoption shift in mentality  

12:55 Ford assembly line philosophy compared with Toyota

15:40 what tooling can be used in an agile project?

16:15 TFS as collaboration hub

17:07 descriptive vs prescriptive metrics collected without overhead

18:30 TFS helps collection of metrics

19:30 question on user stories not perceived (valued) by customers

22:20 not everything can fit as user story

24:20 multifunctional, self-managing teams idea... eliminating the waste between developers & testers specific for traditional organizations

25:25 "no more no repro" game ("it works on my machine" paradigm)

26:25 reference to VS2010 15 scenarios used to eliminate waste in collaboration between developers & testers 

27:20 tester - developer collaboration scenario facilitated by TFS

29:10 reference to resources