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Don’t you wish sometimes that you had a crystal ball showing you what technology is coming down the pipe and if it’s going to disrupt your status quo? It would just make life so much easier. No more guessing what the CIO is going to insist be deployed ASAP just because he read about it in PC magazine. You’d be ready for it already. No more jumping through hoops because a competing company is harnessing IT innovations allowing them to steal your customers and undercut your business. You’d be doing it already.

Ok well, we can’t quite show you the future, but we can give you 30 minutes with Mary Jo Foley. Mary Jo has been covering the tech industry for over 25 years focusing specifically on Microsoft and Microsoft technologies for most of that time. She has had a front row seat, watching, observing and chronicling new advances and innovations as they’ve unfolded, putting her in a unique position to be able to understand how certain trends will likely impact the industry.

Mary Jo joins Jonathan Rozenblit and Ruth Morton for a special edition of the AlignIT Manager Tech Talk. In this episode, Mary Jo talk about what’s new at Microsoft and in tech.

Featured Guest: Mary Jo Foley

Mary Jo Foley has been a tech journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for a variety of tech publications and Web sites, including PCWeek/eWeek, CRN and ZDNet. She is the editor of the "All About Microsoft" blog on ZDNet, and the author of the book "Microsoft 2.0: How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post-Gates Era" (John Wiley & Sons). She also is the co-host of the Windows Weekly show on the TWiT network and a frequent commentator and speaker on all things Microsoft-related on TV, radio, podcasts and at industry events.


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The AlignIT Manager Talk is a monthly live streamed video series hosted by Ruth Morton (LinkedIn) and Jonathan Rozenblit (LinkedIn). Each Tech Talk episode airs on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 12:00pm to 12:30pm EST. The show focuses on a range of topics for both infrastructure and development managers and is interactive, taking questions via a live chat and providing answers on air

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The Discussion

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    MaryJo ! Yeah ! Angel

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    I completely agree with Mary about the Win 8->tablet thing. I really thing MS should think about having a tablet mode and a desktop mode in Win 8. I realize there is still a desktop in Win 8 but having to go through a start screen that is very tablety to get to what you want is a big pain. It doesn't take much and it will probably be enough to stop desktop users from leaving Win 7. It might change a lot closer to RTM but I ran Win 8 on my desktop and metro was just a cludge. A serious cludge, like late 90's dynamic webpages. Drag, oh it didn't realize I wanted to go to the next "page" of apps, try again. Click on something wait, oh it hasn't opened maybe it didn't realize I clicked on it ... etc. Pain, lots of pain for someone that is a dev and types 80+ wpm and has a reasonable grasp of keyboard shortcuts.

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