AlignIT Manager Tech Talk: Mary Jo Foley on the Future of IT

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    MaryJo ! Yeah ! Angel

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    I completely agree with Mary about the Win 8->tablet thing. I really thing MS should think about having a tablet mode and a desktop mode in Win 8. I realize there is still a desktop in Win 8 but having to go through a start screen that is very tablety to get to what you want is a big pain. It doesn't take much and it will probably be enough to stop desktop users from leaving Win 7. It might change a lot closer to RTM but I ran Win 8 on my desktop and metro was just a cludge. A serious cludge, like late 90's dynamic webpages. Drag, oh it didn't realize I wanted to go to the next "page" of apps, try again. Click on something wait, oh it hasn't opened maybe it didn't realize I clicked on it ... etc. Pain, lots of pain for someone that is a dev and types 80+ wpm and has a reasonable grasp of keyboard shortcuts.

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