a new grad's life as an almost grown-up: microsoft, laundry and life with a paycheck

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salutations channel 10. im psyched to be posting this blog up here – the opportunity to join an interesting/varied/quirky community is awesome and I’m happy to be a part of.

a bit about me – im a recent college grad from Dartmouth College. the big green, the college on the hill, my little home in the middle of nowhere. i loved it out there - loved school, friends, even the dreadful weather.  if you know any Dartmouth grads you’ll probably agree with me when I say that our loyalty runs deep, and the college is always in your heart and soul.  ahhh trite perhaps but true:)

i grew up in seattle so im happy to be home.  My family lives here and it holds all my childhood memories, but it is interesting to rediscover the city as a ‘grown-up’.  the bar scene is not nearly as pitiful as people complain it is, and pacific northwest restaurants are awesome. i’m a big foodie and love to eat – and am finally working on the cooking part, albeit in my tiny new apartment with limited resources.. but its something.

rando facts – love the NYT, dig technology that is intuitive, am a travelling adict and spend millions of hours on social networking sites that allow me to stay in touch with people.  i have a dog, am very interested in microfinance, and hope to drive a motorcycle some day soon.

i work at Microsoft as an enthusiast marketing manager – basically my job is to be here in Redmond and support our awesome Evangelists all over the world.  It’s a kickass job with a lot of room for growth and dreams and learnings. so far so good..

so there’s a lot of ‘firsts’ going on in my life right now. First job, first apartment, first paycheck.. and first blog.  i plan to write about my life as it is - a graduate, an employee, a 20 something, a woman, a technology enthusiast.. so as I try and get this rolling I’d love to hear your  thoughts, comments, suggestions, lash outs, high fives, virtual nods.. yeeaaaa just talk to me.

-new kid

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