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The model-view-presenter pattern is a very powerful way to manage user interaction. It seems popular to use it on the server-side when creating HTML, but why not use it client-side instead?
Our computers are powerful enough to run fairly complex JavaScript. Why burden the server with having to render the page contents?

In this screencast I use Script# to compile a C# project into JavaScript. This project contains the Model, View and Presenter logic.
The HTML page then uses the generated JavaScript.

There is a simple REST service on the server that returns data which is called by the Model. No HTML generation occurs on the server.

Download the source code. You must have Script# installed as well.



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The Discussion

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    Thanks for the screencast, i'm going to take a closer look into Script#.

    Have you had a look at ProMesh.Net?

    I realise ProMesh is a server side MVC framework but still thought you might be interested in it...
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    Andrew Davey
    Seeing as client-side MVP is viable, the next step would be create a framework to reduce some of the boiler-plate coding required. For example, the View class that basically maps to and from DOM elements could probably be code generated.

    Thanks for the link to ProMesh.NET, I like the use of attributes making the whole process much more declarative. I'll certainly be considering similar approachs when expanding my client-side MVP framework.
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    Nice job Andrew!
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    Andrew Davey

    So I reckon phase two is to use my tier-splitting macro to enable certain model methods to be decorated with [RunAtServer] attributes.
    The macro would do all the plumbing to call the server and execute the model there. This would allow a totally seemless Model class to be written. With the client part ending up in JavaScript and the server part being C#.

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    The last post is from September.... just wanted to know how did you do with this design?
    You mentioned you was doing a project, how did it go?
    Is there an updated version of the framework?


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