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This screencast continues from the work I demonstrated in a previous screencast:

When implemented a Model-View-Presenter pattern client-side in JavaScript there is a need to get data from the server. Rather than make this divide explicit with HTTP request, etc, I have used the idea of a model object that moves between the client and server.
So the programmer simply writes the client and server pieces of functionality and lets my framework do the plumbing.

I use code generation and Script# to make writing a client-side web app much more seemless than the usual javascript/XML/JSON/web service madness.

I'm developing the ideas shown here in a project at the moment. If there is sufficient interest I may extract a framework to give to the community.

How do people feel about this approach to web development? What kinds of additions/modifications should be made?

p.s. I have a bit of a cold at the moment, so sorry for the croaky voice in the recording!



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