Advanced code generation patterns with T4 & DSL Tools

Play Advanced code generation patterns with T4 & DSL Tools
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Advanced code generation patterns with T4 & DSL Tools (VSX209)

Speaker: Gareth Jones (Senior Software Developer, Microsoft) & Jean-Marc Prieur (Program Manager, Microsoft), Oleg Sych (Senior Lead Consultant, Catapult Systems)
Code generation is an increasingly common technique in application development and forms a part of many Visual Studio extensions. With the addition of T4 to Visual Studio 2008, every developer has a powerful code generation engine available to them. In this session we'll look at patterns of usage of T4 and ways to structure your templates for large-scale reuse. We'll explore a sample that aids large scale code generation from DSL models and finally look at a community library which adds facilities to make the tricky problems of incremental code generation and reverse engineering from a DSL easier.



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    Kiran Chand
    Please let me know how to download this?

    When I'm clicking on the screen cast image, Windows Media Player 9 pops up a message asking me the username and password for "Connecting to the proxy server IN-ISA-SRV"

    Credentials are required or what?

    My windows live user id is and already registered for Channel 9

    Please help!!!

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