VSX: The Debugging Automation Model

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VSX: The Debugging Automation Model (VSX213)
Speaker: Laura Petersen
Learn the basics of the debugger automation model and how you can start extending it.



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The Discussion

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    Arg! Why cant we dowload it instead of stream only?

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    The visual quality is quite poor: I cannot read any of the code that's shown. Is there somewhere I can get or read the code?

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    I found the slides here: https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/vsxconf. It's the vsx213.ppsx file on the downloads/releases page. It would be nice to have better descriptions next to each file, so that we don't have to trawl throuh everything to find the file we are looking for. I do thank you for making this information available.

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    Damn, the slides don't show the code. The video is almost useless to me, as I cannot see what Laura is talking about. Is there a better quality version of the video somewhere? anything?

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