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Lyle Dodge catches up with Ravi Tadepalli, Principal Software Engineering Manager in Microsoft IT, about a site you've probably visited before, 
The Modern Events platform surfaces in-person and online Microsoft events from around the globe pulled from multiple disparate event management SaaS offerings. It has a responsive UI design for consistent user experience across multiple form factors, and is powered by Azure Search for searching/filtering for events by multiple categories, audience types, product types, language and geographical location.
In this video, Ravi will walk through the Modern Events Portal to show the user experience, then walk us through how it's built, using multiple Azure PaaS services - Azure App service, Azure Search, Azure SQL Database, Application Insights, Logic Apps and Power BI. He will show the architecture diagrams of how each of these fit together and we will talk about design decisions for common b2b integration scenarios to simplify connectivity and synchronization to other providers.
Ravi will then walk us through how they build and manage the product - from the use of Visual Studio Team Services to manage the team's work, to the integration of App Insights data and other telemetry to produce Power BI dashboards that the team uses to manage the global application.



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