Availability on Demand - ASR with NetApp Private Storage

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Availability on Demand provides a seamless connection between your on-premises production systems and Azure , leveraging the replication capabilities of Azure Site Recovery. With Azure Site Recovery, you can replicate SAN-based on-premises Hyper-V workloads to NetApp Private Storage (NPS) for Microsoft Azure. Once replicated, customers can failover the on-premises Hyper-V workloads to Azure, and connect the Azure compute resources to NetApp Private Storage  

The video demonstrates how you can replicate and failover an on-premises SQL Server Cluster with Shared Disks to Azure:

  • ASR Replication is used to replicate the OS drives of the two node cluster to Azure
  • NetApp SnapMirror array-based replication is used to replicate the data and quorum disks from the on-premises SAN to NetApp Private Storage
  • ASR orchestrates the end-to-end flow, seamlessly enabling replication and failing over the SQL Server cluster to Azure compute resources
  • ASR automates the creation and management of all target objects - both storage and compute - to ensure that recovery is guaranteed to work





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