Azure Data Factory Overview

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The Discussion

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    Keep up the good work

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    Data-Factory V2 quick start tutorial directs here. This is not a tutorial.

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    Howdy - echoing above comment. Can this page be updated with tutorial for DF V2. The video is over 3 years old! Thanks!

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    + This is not a tutorial.

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    How about adding the network security concern to show the requirements on how to configure a pipeline from on-prem to the cloud? 


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    i was directed to this video after setting up an azure data factory - what i expected to see was a tutorial guide, what i saw instead is basically advertising informing me of what i just signed up for rather than anything "tutorial" related. this is not a tutorial.

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    Data Factory V2 Quick Start Tutorial directs here. This is not a tutorial!

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    This is not a tutorial this is an ad maybe created by "dean" the only one that could foud this s*it interesting

    i´m very frustrated with microsoft, it all about marketing and none about computer science

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    Very poor. Like others above, I came here from Data Factory V2 blade looking for a video. This is outdated.

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    Really frustrating! Came on this page for a tutorial and...

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    Ok, I just need to learn JSON & Powershell, then i'm good to go! :S

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    The tutorial is located at:

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    This is not a tutorial video. More like an advertisement... Worthless

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    This is NOT a tutorial

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