Azure Demo: A Quick Intro to Azure DocumentDB's Server-Side Javascript

Play Azure Demo: A Quick Intro to Azure DocumentDB's Server-Side Javascript
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In this episode, Andrew Liu will provide a brief introduction to Azure DocumentDB's server-side programming model. You will learn how to get started with the DocumentDB Node.js SDK and take advantage of multi-document transactions using stored procedures. To learn more, check out


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The Discussion

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    This is great. Pity I have to use server-side programming. Server-side programming is the devil for a number of reasons.
    It would be great if DocumentDB supported transactions without the need for stored procedure.

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    @Joseph: Thanks!

    I hear ya and would love to see transactions supported without server-side programming. Would you mind voting on the user-voice page? It helps the product team prioritize features:

    I'd also love to make server-side programming NOT the devil... Feel free to shoot me ideas (tweet me at or e-mail me at andrl {at} microsoft) :)

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    Aram Koukia

    Amazing functionality Andrew, thanks for sharing.
    Writing Stored Procedures with JavaScript will be a pain for service engineers with little front-end skills though.. but I love it :)

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