Azure Serverless end-to-end with Functions, Logic Apps, and Event Grid

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See Azure Serverless in action with this video overview that shows just how quickly you can build and deploy cloud-scale applications in the cloud.  This gives a brief overview of each of the components of the Serverless story in Azure, and walks through a real-world example of automating employee on-boarding to the Microsoft Graph as a Serverless app.



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The Discussion

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    Great overview and demo! I've done stuff with Logic Apps before but I'm still amazed at how much it can do. I'm loving all of the things in this area (Functions, Logic Apps, and now Event Grid).

    Also, just some feedback on the presentation. I might be an edge case when it comes to this but the yellow highlighted area around the mouse was distracting for me. I kept looking at that instead of what was behind it. Awesome job otherwise! Thank you!

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    enjoyed the video. simple use case, easy to follow. Azure Rocks!!! 

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    Hi, great video. Do you have this sample code available in github?

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    Hello, it's a really nice video ! Clear and effective ! Thank you.

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    Great, Thanks for nice Video, good explanations. 

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