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Follow this walk-through to set up your own real-time Power BI dashboard using Azure Logic Apps.  Enrich the data from Twitter with Azure Cognitive Service Text Analytics to understand the sentiment and key phrases, and take action on negative tweets (post to Microsoft Teams or Dynamics 365).



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    The Discussion

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      Hi Jeff,

      I hit an error while creating the lab.

      Failed to save logic app TestTwitterSentiment. The template validation failed: 'The inputs of template action 'Add_rows_to_a_dataset' at line '1 and column '577' cannot reference action 'Detect_Sentiment'. Action 'Detect_Sentiment' must either be in 'runAfter' path or within a scope action on the 'runAfter' path of action 'Add_rows_to_a_dataset', or be a Trigger.'.

      Any ideas?




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      @JB2000: I know what the error is saying but I'm less clear how you were able to get into this state.  It's saying you are referencing an action that isn't in the dependency chain (for example, if you were accessing inputs from a step that runs after the current one) - but the designer should automatically be adding dependencies for you.  Feel free to send anymore details on the workflow or subscription ID and we can investigate (for instance, the code-view for the app) -- logicappsemail[at]microsoft[dot]com

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      Hi Jeff,


      I've got an issue, I am using "add rows to dataset" but i cannot see data add into powerbi streaming dataset. The step before PowerBI actions is Parse JSON. I can see 'Parse JSON' output is correct in execution log. But I can not see any input  into "add rows to dataset".

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      @miaoran can you verify you turned on "Enable Historic Analysis" - if not you can only view the streaming data but won't allow you to build any reports/charts.

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      Function does work for me, is this valid JavaScript? Seems to be the use of the 'any' keyword.

      module.exports = function (context, req) {
      context.log('Webhook was triggered!');

      var phrases = data.phases;
      context.res = { any
      body: phrases.join(", ")
      context.done(null, res);

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