Create a Web App with ASP.NET and Azure App Service

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The Discussion

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    we have created our project and tested it locally.
    We now want to publish it to Azure.
    Our project is a Core MVC (6).
    Which is made up of five projects, Application, Core, EntityFramework, Migrator and Web. The Application and Core projects have their publish button grayed out when you right click on them.

    Which projects do I need to publish to Azure for the application to run?
    I have published the .Web project to Azure.

    We also need to publish our SQL database to Azure for the application to connect to in order to run.
    Do I then need to change the SQL connection string of the application to that of the Azure database?
    I am new to Azure and not sure about the procedure needed to publish the Core project.

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    By the way we are using VS2015,

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    3 month free trial?? Damn, I signed up for 1 month free with $200 Azure credit.

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