Extending your datacenter to Microsoft Azure

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Learn how you can use the interactive Datacenter extension reference architecture diagram to extend your datacenter to Microsoft Azure. You can download the Datacenter extension reference architecture diagram from the TechNet Gallery. Also found in the TechNet Gallery is the script for this video, a Visio diagram with all the layers seen in this video, and an Excel spreadsheet that contains all the data that is associated with each object in the diagram, as well as additional data not visible in the diagram.

You can go directly to the section of the video that interests you most by clicking on one of the following time links:

[00:00] Overview of the Datacenter extension reference architecture diagram

[02:31] Diagram orientation

[05:47] Layer 1: On-premises security zones

[07:30] Layer 2: Azure security zones

[08:13] Layer 3: On-premises applications

[13:44] Layer 4: Azure VM applications

[16:45] Layer 5: Azure applications

[24:12] Layer 6: On-premises storage

[24:53] Layer 7: Azure storage

[26:36] Layer 8: On-premises Active Directory DCs

[28:03] Layer 9: Azure Active Directory DCs

[29:57] Layer 10: On-premises network

[30:39] Layer 11: On-premises network segments

[31:17] Layer 12: On-premises network access control

[32:28] Layer 13: Azure network

[32:54] Layer 14: Azure virtual network

[33:19] Layer 15: Azure virtual network segments

[33:37] Layer 16: Azure virtual network access control

[34:28] Layer 17: On-premises load balancing

[35:05] Layer 18: Azure load balancing

[36:15] Layer 19: On-premises health management

[37:42] Layer 20: Azure application metrics

[38:32] Layer 21: Name resolution services

[39:50] Layer 22: On-premises connection to Azure

[41:43] Layer 23: Azure Active Directory Synchronization

[45:05] Layer 24: On-premises <--> Azure single-sign on

[47:27] Layer 26: Network details

[48:32] Additional Resources

[49:35] Excel spreadsheet with detailed object data

[51:28] Enthusiastic conclusion – go forth and extend your datacenter into Microsoft Azure!



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    Thanks for watching! Let us know if you have any questions about the video, the diagram, the spreadsheet or the Visio file. Thanks! -Tom.

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