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    A few assumptions that were left out of the video:

    • Ubuntu 16.04 - Worked out of the box
    • RHEL 7.3 - needs more work: "sudo yum install cifs-utils"
    • Centos 6.8 - Unable to get working.  I get: "mount error(112): Host is down".  I have verified they are in the same geographic region, installed cifs-util, tried -o vers=2.1, and added the host to /etc/hosts, but no joy.
    • I also tried it on Ubuntu on Windows; however, it didn't work there either.  Not surprised as not all networking features are supported.


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    Greg Bystroff

    Thanks for the vid. I'm learning Azure for work. Ironic joke not withstanding, may I use your access key at 1:24?

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