Getting Started with Azure Security Center

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Azure Security Center helps you prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-threats. Learn how to get instant insight into the security of your Azure resources using Security Center.



The Discussion

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    emanuel mack

    this is great

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    Joe Louis Gonzalez

    My two cents r : I don't code. Why ? One person can't do all
    things, just as one can't be ubiquitous. So ? I trust I to code for
    me. I pass the baton in the relay race. May I prove true to my trust ;
    at the very very least, do the very very best : TRY !

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    I wonder if I can merge my two Azure accounts???

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    Brenda Carlton

    I never dreamed that you had such wonderful security for those of us that are on the enter. You have opened my eyes to a different internet now. I never looked at ti jus as you allowing me to look at your cite. I truly of not think everyone on the internet knows how much you do to help us and how much we need to be looking out as well. I have been scared several times and now I can see you are trying to prevent those who are here to harm companies and individuals.I hope you will forgive me for not think first before I were things I will be very cautious now I just never though about the internet the way your showing me Thank You for being here for us. I just wish some one would have told me or let me read something before it is a little late. I hope the damage wasn't that bad. Than you Brenda Carlton

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