Intro to Windows Azure with Scott Hanselman

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    Mouhammad Fakhoury

    This is very cool! I am sure a lot of hard work went into making this happen! This kind of integration between Azure and VS has a hand-clove feeling!

    I think Scott Gathrie's hard work is shining through! We started to see some serious improvements to the Azure platform since he took the lead. I am sure it took thousands of people to get the power and complexity of Windows Azure in the reach of all kinds of developers! This is just amazing work!

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    Great presentation, but where were the laughs?

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    Magnus Ohlsson

    I think the "Attach Debugger" for Azure Web Sites shown in the end might not have made it to the SDK 2.2 release. It is present for Cloud Services though.

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    Let's talk about prices!specially for start-ups!

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    @Magnus, the Azure Web Sites remote debugger server support has not yet been published. The client (VS) support is in the Azure SDK 2.2. When the server side support is published the command will light up in Visual Studio automatically.

    Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

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    Good stuff Smiley

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    هذا برنامج قد دخلته و لا أعرف ما المقصود منه أرجو من أخوانى العرب الذين يجيدون اللغة شرح لى ما يهدف له هذا البرنامج

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    Great. Can't wait to get VS2013


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