Learn how Vesper built offline sync using Azure Mobile Services

Play Learn how Vesper built offline sync using Azure Mobile Services
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The Discussion

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    Would like to see more information on how the offline sync is implemented.

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    See the link [1] below where there are multiple guides for getting started with azure movile services

    [1]: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/develop/mobile/

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    John's face at 0:01... "who da f is calling me on while I'm on the balcony"

    but seriously great job guys, very inspiring, who wants to deal with server admin!

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    Brent has some information about developing sync on his blog, inessential.com

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    Brent definitely has more information on inessential.com but we'll also be bringing some of that over to azure.microsoft.com as a downloadable paper.

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    Windows Azure? Aren't you Microsoft Azure now?
    Time to update the tags and logins.

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