Better Azure VM Resiliency with Managed Disks

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Managed Disks are an exciting new feature from Azure, designed to help with the availability, manageability, scalability, and performance of virtual machine disks storage within Azure.  This video walks you through the resiliency advantages of using Managed Disks and then gives you an overview of how to migrate your existing VMs to Managed Disks. 



The Discussion

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    I realized that VM snapshot (with management disk) can be backed up to Recovery Service Valt (RSV) and RSV data can be copied to unmanaged disk.
    How do I copy data from RSV?

    動画の説明として、(管理ディスクを持った)VMのスナップショットはRecovery Service Valt(RSV)にバックアップし、RSVのデータを非管理ディスクにコピーすることができると理解したのですが、どのようにRSVからデータをコピーするのでしょうか?

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