Restore a SQL Database Using Point in Time Restore

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This video shows how to restore a SQL database using Point in Time Restore on the Windows Azure Management Portal.

Learn more about Azure SQL Database Backup and Restore capabilities on our MSDN page:


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The Discussion

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    Thanks, this seems to be valuable for our current SQL project

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    The Restore button is missing... no db has Restore btn!

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    Thanks for bringing up your concern regarding Point in Time Restore. I would like to better understand the situation in which you are unable to find the restore button in the Azure Portal. If you don't mind, could you explain the scenario which you are unable to find the restore button?

    Additionally I would like to note that Point in Time Restore is only available to the Basic, Standard, and Premium database service tiers. This means if you are using a Web or Business database, the database will not be able to use Point in Time Restore.

    You can learn more about Point in Time Restore on our blog post.

    Thanks and I hope this helps! 


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