Using Azure Container Instances

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With Azure Container Instances, you can create containers in the cloud in seconds. In this video, Mark Whitby, Azure Cloud Solution Architect, demonstrates three scenarios: how to create a single container with an image pulled from Docker's public repository; how to create a new Docker image and upload to a private Azure Container Registry and then deploy that image to a container instance; and how to set up the Azure Container Instances connector for Kubernetes to deploy Azure Container Instances using Azure Container Services and Kubernetes.





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The Discussion

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    Disappointed from London

    This is terrible, why is Mark speaking like a robot as well as way too fast?

    It would be nice to get an introduction to terms and the technology.

    Why would/should I even consider/use containers?

    Is a public better than a private IP in this instance?

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    @Disappointed from London: Agreed. Even at 0.75 speed the lack of transitions is jarring. Very difficult to follow.

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    I definitely agree! For me, this is a throwaway and should be a remake! It's very unprofessional! Who ever has the brains to follow along with what he's saying probably doesn't need to watch this video as that person already knows the process! 

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