Protecting Web API Backend with Azure Active Directory and API Management

Play Protecting Web API Backend with Azure Active Directory and API Management
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This video shows how to build a Web API backend and protect it using OAuth 2.0 protocol with Azure Active Directory and API Management. 

01:30: Build a Web API backend and secure it with AAD
07:10: Import the API into API Management
09:09: Configure Developer Portal to call the API
18:08: Configure a desktop App to use the API
20:47: Configure JWT validation policy to pre-authorize requests




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The Discussion

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    Great presentation!  It would be nice if the video quality were a bit higher.  Reading the code at medium quality is challenging for these aging eyes. :)


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    Yeah, this is very useful for me.  But I wish Microsoft will make this easier; ideally, this should be just a single step that does not require developer to switch back and forth between AAD and APIM.  Also, how do I do the same thing using Azure AD B2C?

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    Is this approach is possible with Azure AD B2C? Please make one video on this

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