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Change a DocumentDB collection from pre-defined to user-defined performance in the Azure portal

Play Change a DocumentDB collection from pre-defined to user-defined performance in the Azure portal
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This video shows the steps required to change a DocumentDB collection from using pre-defined performance to user-defined performance in the Azure Portal. Changing the performance level from pre-defined to user-defined enables you to customize the throughput that DocumentDB reserves for your application.

For more information about performance levels, see Performance levels in DocumentDB, or for written instructions of the steps in this video, see Changing performance levels using the Azure Portal

If your application requires more than 10GB of storage per collection, or more than 10,000 RU/s of throughput, you can change your collection from a single partition collection to a partitioned collection. For more information about changing to a partitioned collection, see Migrating from single-partition to partitioned collections.



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    Imma User

    For a test database, I'd want to set this to like 10 RU/s. It seems that you can't get this below 400. The pricing model doesn't make any sense to me. I mean, this kind of pricing model directly affects code design for no good reason. If I created 10 collections to represent the 10 kinds of things I wanted to store, and each was 400 RU/s, it would only cost me about $250/month - Even though I might only write 10 documents per month and read 100. Yikes! OK, option 2: Create one collection, toss everything into it and sort it out in code. (Yeech!) This costs $24/month - but is about the crappiest code one can imagine. And the expense to Microsoft? The same. So, why on Earth would it be priced this way? Price based on your Costs, not on some random design element or you will create a lot of crazy out there.

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