Azul Systems Offers Free Certified OpenJDK Binaries on Azure

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The rise of open source solutions is not without its shortcomings, and OpenJDK is no exception. Quality, version control, and security patch levels of binary builds can all be problems. What's more, few companies offer support for those builds.

Azul Systems has solved this for Microsoft partners and Microsoft Azure customers by releasing free certified binaries of Zulu, its build of OpenJDK.

"While the OpenJDK sources and various builds are readily available, Azul is the only company to stand behind each binary build we distribute," said Scott Sellers, Azul Systems President and CEO. "Not knowing whether a build of OpenJDK has been properly tested and incorporates the latest bug fixes and security updates is a major problem for the Java community. We now certify every Zulu release, putting our stamp of approval that the required compliance and additional rigorous testing has been performed."

Read the Azul Systems blog post and press release.

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