DreamFactory Guest Post: REST in a Cloud – The New Starting Point

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The following is a guest post from our partner DreamFactory:

REST APIs are the new starting point for apps across the web, mobile, and internet of things. The monolithic enterprise application is dying. Back-office data and applications are still the key ingredients. However, this functionality has to be delicately sliced, remixed, and refined. This allows businesses to constantly reimagine how they can deliver core products and services in new and exciting ways.

DreamFactory is a new open source platform that makes it easy for developers to "REST-enable" SQL, NoSQL, and file storage, without the need to hand-write their own REST APIs. Developers can take existing data from any SQL Server or populate new data sources in Azure SQL Database, Azure table storage, and Azure Blob storage. DreamFactory then automatically generates live API documentation.

This provides a menu for app developers to browse and consume everything a business does and the real world services it delivers, as a list of digital ingredients. Legacy data becomes a legacy concept. Old and new applications are transformed into a list of REST services that can be recombined and consumed in any way they are needed.

As a service platform, DreamFactory also removes the need to configure backend integration for each single application. Developers can set backend access rights and policies at the individual API level, ensuring that all subsequent apps are correctly configured, compliant, and secure. REST APIs really do become the starting point for development.

On the frontend, DreamFactory offers native SDKs for native development on iOS, Android, and Windows 8, as well as support for HTML5 frameworks such as AngularJS, JQuery, and Sencha.

With the ability to run anywhere, DreamFactory offers dedicated Bitnami installation packages for Microsoft Azure. Running DreamFactory's open source software on Microsoft's cloud platform provides companies with the ultimate, scalable backend-as-a-service solution without the dangers of lock-in to a single provider.

Want to see how simple it is to connect to backend data sources with DreamFactory and Azure and explore the power that this unlocks? DreamFactory's developer evangelist Ben Busse will be running demonstrations at Microsoft's Sunnyvale Offices on Friday, December 5, 2014; sign up here.

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