Guest Post: Azure Desktop Hosting -- Get a Slice of the $20B Pie

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The following is a guest post by Brian Garoutte, MyCloudIT Director of Sales. MyCloudIT removes the complexity of building client networks in Microsoft Azure.

Attention, Microsoft partners: There is a $20 billion pie for the taking.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced he expects Microsoft Azure revenues to reach $20 billion in 2018. Think about that: from $0 to $20 billion in eight short years! That is one very large pie. With some projecting Azure to generate $6 billion in revenue this fiscal year alone, it seems there is plenty of that pie yet to be claimed over the next three years!

If you have only dabbled in Azure, we get it. The cloud can be intimidating for both customers and partners. Keeping with the bakery theme, the cloud offers you a bunch of raw ingredients (cloud services, VMs, storage pools) and in some cases a recipe, but you lack culinary experience and the time to bake. Wouldn't it be easier if there were pre-baked solutions you could just serve your customers?

So what about Azure Desktop Hosting? In November 2014 Microsoft released a Referenced Architecture Guide outlining the steps to provide desktop hosting services for customers. This "recipe" provided the framework for a hosted desktop network in the cloud using remote desktop services (RDS). In other words, there is now a viable Microsoft alternative to traditional VDI, AWS Workspaces, and VMware Horizon DaaS.

How many of you or your customers have a use case for cloud desktops? Remote workers, contractors, seasonal employees, small businesses – all can benefit from cloud-hosted desktops. Anyone with BYOD, security, or scalability and flexibility issues could surely benefit from Azure Desktop Hosting. But what about the time and expertise necessary to implement it? And how do you manage and monitor the network and desktops once they are in the cloud?

The answer is MyCloudIT, a fully baked Azure Desktop Hosting solution that simplifies deployment, management, and monitoring of Azure Hosted Desktop networks. By automating the deployment of cloud desktops, you no longer have to worry about configuring and provisioning from scratch. In a few minutes you can have a network fully configured, and within hours that network will be fully deployed in your Azure account using Microsoft best practices. Once deployed, MyCloudIT offers management features for tasks such as backups, scheduling, and auto-scaling the network (to save money), and the creation and editing of user profiles. Monitoring features offer real-time analytics into resource utilization, VM status, and updates. This solution is ready for you or your customers to deploy today.

The time is now for cloud desktops. IDC research shows the emerging Workspace-as-a-Service market is growing at a compound annual rate of 85%. Partner with Microsoft Azure and MyCloudIT to claim your slice of the $20 billion pie via Azure Hosted Desktops. We bake, you serve!

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