Guest Post: KEMP's Virtual LoadMaster for Azure Optimizes Cloud Application Deployments

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The following guest post, by Jason Dover, Director of Technical Product Marketing at KEMP Technologies, describes how the company integrates with Microsoft Azure to enable KEMP's hybrid cloud Virtual LoadMaster solutions.

Many emerging software companies face challenges when it comes to gaining market leverage in the competitive landscape while shortening time-to-market for new services. The ability to leverage a hybrid cloud model helps such organizations keep costs low while providing them with access to the elasticity and scalability needed to grow with their customer base. The ability to leverage an agile platform such as Microsoft Azure enables cloud applications to be deployed throughout geographically dispersed regions as well as across on-premises and cloud-hosted data centers, satisfying both availability and resiliency needs. KEMP's LoadMaster application delivery controller (ADC) for Azure complements such deployments. 

Executive Summary

KEMP Technologies is a leading provider of ADC software, with more than 23,000 deployments for enterprises and organizations that demand highly available, scalable, and secure web applications deployed in hybrid infrastructure. KEMP enables customers to rapidly scale their infrastructure with intelligent Layer 4-7 capabilities for optimizing application traffic flows and security features including DDoS mitigation, IPS/IDS, authentication services, and web application firewalling (WAF).

High availability and disaster recovery are key factors for consideration when planning application deployments. This is especially true when it comes to hybrid cloud implementation, since this architecture brings about unique challenges for delivering optimized performance and availability. Fortunately, Microsoft's innovative Azure platform provides native application load balancing, security, and networking capabilities, and KEMP's Virtual LoadMaster for Azure greatly enhances and complements this functionality by delivering true Layer 7 application delivery and consolidated security services. When LoadMaster for Azure is combined with KEMP's GSLB (global site load balancing) functionality known as GEO, high availability and intelligent global traffic distribution can be easily achieved across an entire hybrid cloud infrastructure, optimizing application-focused traffic steering while simplifying the manual steps required in the event of a disaster recovery (DR) event.

Customer Challenges

To keep up with competitive demands, many organizations are driving the direction of their company to a model that allows them to offer their customers cloud-based offerings that lower capital expenditures as well as increase efficiency when compared to leveraging traditional data center architectures. A hybrid cloud model combining the Microsoft Azure platform with an Azure Certified Solution such as KEMP's Virtual LoadMaster enables customers to remove cost and complexity as well as gain the benefits of expanding beyond the confines of a private data center-only model. However, there are challenges that must be addressed in order to successfully move to this model. As an example, Layer 7 reverse proxy capabilities are often required for the optimization of client application traffic flows. In other cases, as applications move to or are deployed greenfield in cloud environments, certain services are needed: web application firewall, intrusion prevention, TLS (SSL) termination, content switching, and traffic steering based on the heuristics of individual requests. When these are required, customers must consider how to facilitate these for applications that span public and private cloud. In the case of true hybrid deployments, in which applications are active/active across multiple portions of the infrastructure, an intelligent means is needed. This can be difficult to accomplish without an ADC that can natively operate inside of the public part of the cloud and the availability of GSLB services.


A steadily increasing number of KEMP's customers build their business and critical services on Azure because of its flexible nature and the fact that it enables them to quickly deploy, scale, and manage applications across a global network of reliable Microsoft-managed data centers while integrating with existing IT environments. KEMP's ability to augment the native security and availability features included with Azure provides a higher level of protection and confidence in the resilience of these deployments.

KEMP's Virtual LoadMaster for Azure, optimized to run natively inside of the Azure cloud, delivers full Layer 4-7 load balancing and application delivery services for Azure-hosted workloads and ensures the continuity of service across cloud boundaries. By providing the same core features available in private cloud, the challenges that exist when considering moving applications into a hybrid deployment are greatly reduced, enabling organizations to deliver services to their customers faster and more efficiently.


As the first load balancer vendor to provide a third-party virtual ADC for Hyper-V and certified for Exchange and Lync, LoadMaster is a mature and Microsoft-vetted solution to leverage for high availability services in Microsoft-powered infrastructures like ADFS. Thousands of customers leverage KEMP's solutions for their custom application deployments in Microsoft environments leveraging Windows Server and IIS. KEMP is also a Microsoft Gold Partner in Communications and Messaging as well as Azure Certified, and provides specialized services for delivery of packaged applications such Dynamics, Lync, Exchange, and SharePoint.

As described in this video, WoonInvest took advantages of VLM-Azure to enhance the availability of Office365 environment. KEMP's customers report that by leveraging its technology to deliver cloud-based services in Azure, they've been able to reduce overall costs and shorten the time needed to deploy new services, thereby positively impacting their business.

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