Guest Post: Tinfoil Security Keeps Watch Over Your Azure Web Apps

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The following is a guest post by Michael Borohovski, co-founder and CTO of Tinfoil Security. Tinfoil Security is a simple, developer-friendly service that lets you scan your website for vulnerabilities and fix them quickly and easily. 

Microsoft Azure makes it easy for individuals and organizations to spin up and host their services using Azure Web Apps. Azure provides all sorts of tools for logging, handling databases, and automating your development workflow, but what if you want to secure the same web applications that Azure makes so easy to build?

Today, Tinfoil Security announced the release of Tinfoil Security for Azure Web Apps, which is a direct integration with the Azure Web Apps workflow and is an easy way for developers to secure their Azure applications. Nowadays, facing the constant threat of breaches, it's more important than ever to ensure the web applications you're building are protected. Your customers rely on you to keep their data safe. Tinfoil Security for Azure provides instant scan setup, security analysis, and mitigation while you fix the vulnerabilities it finds.

Getting started with Tinfoil Security for Azure is easy. Suppose you just created a new Azure Web App. Tinfoil Security for Azure can be set up within seconds and will instantly help you set a scanning schedule and start a scan at your leisure. If the scan finds vulnerabilities in the application, don't worry, you're not alone; 75% of the applications Tinfoil Security scans have a vulnerability on the first scan. Tinfoil Security will walk you through fixing each vulnerability, step by step, with easy-to-understand instructions focused on developers with no prior security experience.

Of course, fixing vulnerabilities takes time, and both Microsoft and Tinfoil Security recognize this. While you're working hard to fix any vulnerabilities that were found during a scan, Tinfoil Security will also generate ModSecurity web application firewall rules that will help keep you safe until you can securely patch your application.

While you continue building your application and your business, Tinfoil will run in the background, informing you if you've made a misstep, before it's too late. By allowing Tinfoil Security to scan your application on a schedule you set, you will be kept safe and informed by the web application security scanner to have found 100% of vulnerabilities across the board on industry-standard benchmarks.

Microsoft Azure already empowers teams with tools that help them scale quickly, automate their development process, and easily build applications. Now, combined with Tinfoil Security as a direct part of the Azure workflow, your organization will benefit from consistent vulnerability detection and analysis. To sign up or for more information, click here

The Discussion

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    Kalpesh Patel


    I am not able to see the Tinfoil option in our Azure setup.

    How to add in our azure setup and use its services ?


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