Guest Post: VirtualWorks Redefines Search and Discovery on Azure

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The following is a guest post by Robert Wescott, Vice President of Global Marketing at VirtualWorks. VirtualWorks integrates its enterprise discovery platform, ViaWorks, with Microsoft Azure to enable improved workflow and security.

VirtualWorks brings enterprise search and discovery to the Microsoft Azure cloud with ViaWorks 2.5., which breaks down traditional enterprise walls between application silos, or on-premises and cloud data 

Until now, most enterprise search projects haven't delivered on the promise of a truly universal index, combined with good relevancy and interfaces to provide broad accessibility. ViaWorks is different. It's very easy to install and configure, and it works the first time — every time.

The magic of ViaWorks is in how it separates and abstracts content from the underlying data silos, capturing and creating metadata in a secure common index of enterprise assets for improved access, availability and security. Its Data Enrichment Subsystem includes a powerful rules engine that combines natural language processing, AI, business rules, filtering and redaction to allow administrators an unprecedented level of control. 

Finally, there's one cohesive system that enables users to draw upon the collective intelligence and information of the entire organization. By creating actionable, optimized profiles of the content assets from across the entire organization, ViaWorks allows end users to see all their content while masking all the intricacies of the underlying physical IT infrastructure.

How it works:

  1. Connect all information. The ViaWorks Platform discovers data wherever it lives – across applications, servers, intranet sites, email and file stores hosted in the cloud or on-premises. In addition, the ViaWorks Connector SDK allows for rapid development of new secure connectors to other systems.
  2. Indexing everything. ViaWorks identifies and maps all data in the enterprise, making it easy to index everything in a central or virtualized cluster of indices. It even includes an OCR engine to automatically extract text from image files such as emails from faxes and scanned documents.
  3. Securing access. ViaWorks uses existing security schema to associate each piece of content with its access privileges, so only authorized users can see it.
  4. Leveraging knowledge. ViaWorks makes all content available to authorized users, on-demand, without leaving their application or device. For example, users can search for information or receive recommendations from within Outlook or SharePoint.
  5. Applying value. The ViaWorks Presentation Layer API makes optimized asset profiles available for custom search-based applications and big data visualizations serving specific business goals.

The ViaWorks desktop and mobile applications federate the results and give users immediate access to business-critical information, regardless of its location, in simple, elegant experiences.

Say goodbye to long, expensive "enterprise search projects" that never end and get started today with a solution. Easily install ViaWorks in the Microsoft Azure cloud, point it at various services and data, then take control. Get full functionality today with a 30-day free trial.

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