Guest Post: mLevel Raking In Awards with the Help of Microsoft Azure

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The following is a guest post by Jordan Fladell, EVP at mLevel, LLC, a Microsoft Azure partner.

Last fall, mLevel was named the 2014 Best Mobile Startup at the Atlanta Mobile Awards. This follows an impressive array of recent industry awards, including Elearning Magazine's "Best of Elearning" and DevLearn's DemoFest "Best Game-based Solution," not to mention a silver medal from Advanced Distributed Learning and a bronze from the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards.

mLevel is a Microsoft Azure-based enterprise learning platform that enables enterprise customers to easily deploy engaging and effective learning with no coding required to their employees across all devices in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional solutions. Companies today spend approximately $13B a year on enterprise learning software and solutions that go relatively unused  and fail to meet the business needs the majority of the time. mLevel has successfully solved these challenges for a large number of Fortune 500 companies with a cost-effective, agile learning solution that provides both employees and managers real-time results, allowing clients to help their team members overcome knowledge gaps instantly to drive measurable business outcomes.

As mLevel was forming, we quickly made the decision to build our solution in the cloud. We met with Salesforce, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to review their offerings and determine the best fit for the solution. At the end of the review process, the clear winner was Azure due to its robust security, development tools, and scale. Currently mLevel leverages Microsoft datacenters on three continents to provide geo redundancy, localization, and world class SLAs, giving mLevel's enterprise clients confidence that their data will be highly available and secure.  

mLevel's decision to build our platform on Azure has proven to be a great move for us and our customers. For example, when we signed a large, new international customer, they needed to quickly increase their capacity and add additional datacenter support for Asia. They were able to nearly double their capacity and expand their services in Asia in just a few days including full testing. They have also never missed an SLA for uptime due to the built-in redundancies within Azure. We estimated that to try to build and maintain their own datacenters to support their customers with similar uptime and scale would have cost nearly 10 times what we pay for Azure and would significantly slow down the speed of scale as they add new customers.

mLevel's success would not be possible without the foundation of Azure. The scale and security that Azure provides allows us to quickly and easily deliver these award-winning learning programs in multiple languages, on any device and in any region across the globe. In fact, mLevel has scaled to support hundreds of thousands of users in 30 countries in less than two years. The costs and time of building out an infrastructure to support that scale would be prohibitive without Azure. As a newer company, having Azure's reputable backing is also a huge benefit, as it provides our enterprise customers the confidence in reliability and security that they demand. It's a true win-win.

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