Guest Post: quasardb Adds PHP API and Load Balancing

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The following is a guest post from Edouard Alligand, Chairman & Chief Technical Officer of quasardb, a Microsoft Azure partner.

We are excited to announce quasardb 1.2.0, the new release of our hyperscalable database.

quasardb is a peer-to-peer, high-performance, associative database designed from the ground up for the most demanding environments. It natively supports FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows.

Based on decades of theoretical research and years of prototyping, quasardb stands on the shoulder of giants: It combines breakthroughs from relational databases, operating systems, and network distribution to redefine the state of the art.

quasardb already withstood the fire of critical environments in which failure isn't an option, and will change the way you look at associative databases.

This new version introduces two new major features: 

  1. A brand new PHP API that opens up the possibility for millions of websites across the world to benefit from the extreme flexibility and unrivaled performance level of quasardb
  2. A brand new stochastic load balancing system that optimizes the usage of the network infrastructure without requiring any configuration

Last but not least, we are very pleased to announce our plans to release quasardb 1.2.0 directly on Microsoft Azure!

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