Why the IT Pro should become a Dev, and the other way around

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For a few months now, every customer where I talk about cloud adoption, is talking about "DevOps". So it got me wondering what they mean with it. Is it a technology, is it a business / IT process? Is it (another one??) new fluffy word for our IT admins? Well, it's a bit of all of that, and in this session, I will explain you how, and most important why, I started to become a "DevOps" guy myself, knowing I'm a deep-technical IT Pro guy without any development skills. In this session, I will share my personal experience on how I found out in my own job role, I had to start turning to the Dev-side, to optimize my job. And knowing I'm mainly working with cloud technology, I will explain you by doing some live demos, on where Visual Studio (yes, the MS development tool...) can become your prime tool of administration when deploying and building Azure Cloud Resources, PowerShell scripts and more of that fun stuff. Lastly, I will end my session by demonstrating cool integrations of Visual Studio with Azure Active Directory to integrate authentication to your non-authentication aware web apps, and how Visual Studio can help in using version control and deploying (web) apps to different platforms like testing/staging/production.

Speaker: Peter De Tender

Peter De Tender is the Microsoft Infrastructure Expert Leader and Microsoft Alliance Manager at Sogeti Belgium, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), MVP on Windows Expert IT Pro, STEP member and international speaker. Starting his IT career in 1996 on Windows NT4 and Exchange Server 5.5 platforms, Peter has never looked back from Microsoft Server technologies. Peter is a technical writer for Petri (http://www.petri.com), as well as having authored several books for Packt Publishing (http://www.packtpub.com). Peter's enthusiasm as MCT led him to found the IAMCT Belgian chapter in 2010 (www.iamct.org), as well as taking the position of European Chairman since Jan 2013. His dedication to the IT Pro community and TechEd conferences was translated in founding the TechEdYellowPantsTeam (http://www.techedyellowpantsteam.com), assisting IT Pro's in all things Microsoft and certification.




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The Discussion

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    jai verma

    There was lot of talks about DevOps and being an IT Pro for over 15 years, I was confused what it is? Is it something I should invest my time? I tried few times, attended workshop and all that caused more confusion.

    Thank you so much Peter for this presentation. It gives me answers to all my questions and directions. Your demonstrations were very useful. I am confident now that one I am going to invest time and also what all I need to learn.

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