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This screencast shows you how to use FormsAuthentication on a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site (WSS 3.0).

It then continues with showing how to enable multiple authentication methods on one site (using Windows authentication and FormsAuthentication simultaneous).

Last but not least it shows how to create a page in SharePoint that let you administrate your users that uses FormsAuthentication (in this case how to create new users).

Oh, yeah. It starts where left off.



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The Discussion

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    I am trying to setup FBA by using a provider that inherits from the MembershipProvider and has to plug-in to the existing authentication provider.  I got it to show the Access Denied (confirmed by checking the trace) and the login does return a true means it is authenticating against the db, however, I am not able to pull up the user account in the site collection administrators, simple get user not found.

    Any idea on what I need to do here?

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    Sorry for my late response, I don't check this place for comments...

    I'm guessing that you haven't implemented the GetUser function.

    Set breakpoints on all the functions (they throw exceptions from the beginning), and then attach to the w3wp.exe processes. Then you should be able to see which function that doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

    My next screencast will show how to build your own Membership provider that can be used on any ASP.NET 2.0 site (including SharePoint).

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    Thank alot for your lesson anyway I have one problem in my sharepoint. I created picture library to store picture but when I upload mutiple pictures from client picture (Microsoft office picture manager) it display error message "Fail to upload xxxx.jpg try upload again.."
    Is there any solution to download multiple pictures after we use aspmembershipProvider?


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    I'm guessing that you mean "... UPLOAD multiple pictures..."

    This is outside my area of expertise, but when you choose Forms Authentication you most often don't click in "Enable Client integration" in SharePoint because this is best practise.

    So I don't think this error is related to your provider, rather if you want this functionality you should use AD instead...
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    Question, I've implemented a membershipprovider that calls the MS dynamics crm  webservices to authenticate against the contacts. When I try this in an webapplication it works good. but in sharepoint (after I gave the server full trust permissions) nothing happens, really nothing. I do not get error's nor confirmation. I always get "the server cannot check your credentials" in the FBA page and in the lookup dialogs in SCAW I get "the user is not found"

    Normally errors should be written to the application event log but nothing in there.

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    When clicking on Play, nothing happens. Is there anywhere I could download this screencast?

    Tnx in advance!


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    I'm talking to the Channel9 team about this. Please send me an email if you need it faster then they work (

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    If you right click on the preview and choose save as then you can download the screencast.

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