An End-to-End Demo of VSTS

Play An End-to-End Demo of VSTS

The Discussion

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    Frank Griffin

    Great job. Great presentation. Very impressive with great example.

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    really good for taking clients through 'the journey'


    nice work.

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    Hello Plaberge,

    Nice work! it helps me a lot.

    I am wondering about how can I start provisioning the DevOps project from Scratch, I would like to create multiple build definition for each environment (Dev, Test, Staging and production), also, branching strategy and put some restrictions onthe master branch, and only specefic users has the rights to approve the merge to the master branch.


    appreciating your guidance. 

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    Is it possible to get the VSTS Build definitions for the project.  This demo is a perfect example of what I am trying to accomplish but having issues with multiple projects in a solution and interested in seeing your VSTS Build definitions in detail to improve my understanding.

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