An End-to-End Demo of VSTS

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Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) is an extremely robust, extensible and configurable application lifecycle management tool that facilitates good DevOps practices within your organization. 

You may have heard of the capabilities of VSTS (or TFS) but you may not have seen an end-to-end demo of the capabilities.  In this session, you will see a full demo of its capabilities, from Requirements to Development, Automated Build, Automated Deployment, Testing and Monitoring/Telemetry.

Below are the resources that were highlighted in the presentation (and where the are shown in the video, if applicable):

One thing to note here is that although the demo uses VSTS, the experience and functionality that is shown would be similar or identical if you were using TFS 2017.



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The Discussion

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    Frank Griffin

    Great job. Great presentation. Very impressive with great example.

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    @Frank Griffin: Thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Stay tuned as I am working on open sourcing my demo so that anyone can deploy it to Azure and use it to create their own Continuous Delivery pipeline with VSTS.

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    If anyone is looking for the code to the application I used in this demo, it will be found here at my public GitHub repo:  Please note that at the time of me publishing this comment it is not quite yet available, but keep checking back as I'm just cleaning up the code some before making it available to anyone who wants it.


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    Good news!  I have just published the code to this demo on GitHub at .  Feel free to download the code (and try not to laugh too hard at my mediocre dev skills!).  Just a heads-up, the file in the repo will contain the instructions on deploying the solution to Azure, but it's not done yet.



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    really good for taking clients through 'the journey'


    nice work.

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