Breakpoint: DevOps - The Abbreviation That Will Change How You View ALM [S01E05]

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It seems that the term DevOps is gaining steam in IT circles these days. There are good reasons for that.  The software tooling market continues to innovate and with it comes offerings that make it easier (and even more importantly, safer) to move software solutions to new environments.  Because of this, most people equate DevOps to deployment activities, but this only tells a fraction of the story.  DevOps is about a wholistic approach to the software development lifecycle.  It's also about learning from past activities and finding better ways to deliver the right software experience to your users more efficiently.  On this episode, Jonathan and Paul talk about DevOps and what it could mean to your organization.  By the end of the episode, you will have learned:

  • Why DevOps as a discipline is or will be important to your application lifecycle
  • That DevOps is much more than just about software deployment
  • Why learning is such an important component to the DevOps process
  • How to get your development and operations teams on board with DevOps and where to start
  • The Visual Studio tooling that Microsoft provides to support DevOps



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