Rockin' Windows Azure (with Visual Studio 2013) [S01EP3]

Play Rockin' Windows Azure (with Visual Studio 2013) [S01EP3]

The Discussion

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    When I go to Tools-->Extensions and Updates, I do not see any Azure SDK for .NET installed or available for download in my copy of Visual Studio 2013 Professional yet, the Windows Azure dropdown in Server Explorer looks exactly like yours.  Could you elaborate more about this SDK; could the SDK be baked in?

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    Hi, Sean.  It's very possible that with the latest VS update you received the SDK by default.  It may have also been installed prior to this - it may have been installed as a pre-requisite to another installation you could have done before (maybe by the Web Platform Installer?).  If you installed a previous version of the Azure SDK already, it may have auto-updated as well. 

    In any case, you can find all of the Azure SDKs here

    Hope that helps!

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