Intel Edison Azure IoT Kit Starter Walkthrough

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This video gives you a very fast paced walkthrough of the Azure IoT Starter Kit for the Intel Edison.  Specifically, this walks through the "Using Microsoft Azure IoT Services to Identify Temperature Anomalies" sample. You can use this as an aide when completing the walkthrough yourself.

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  • [00:15] 2.3 Connect the Sensor Module to your Device
  • [00:54] 2.4 Create a New Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and Add Device
  • [03:04] 2.5 Create an Event Hub
  • [03:59] 2.6 Create a Storage Account for Table Storage
  • [04:36] 2.7 Create a Stream Analytics job to Save IoT Data in Table Storage and Raise Alerts
  • [06:50] 2.8 Node Application Setup
  • [07:45] 2.9 Modify Device Sample
  • [08:52] 2.10 View Your Command Center Application


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