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The setting is planet Earth (Pasadena, CA, to be exact.) Microsoft Sr. Technical Evangelist, Bret Stateham, thinks he's simply presenting technical resources for this year's NASA Space Apps Challenge. Little does Bret know, that his resources will be put to the test when he's interrupted by an emergency mayday call. Meanwhile on Mars, a biologist finds himself stranded after his crew launched off the planet to escape disaster. The plot thickens when Daniel pieces together communications equipment to contact Earth. Daniel inadvertently connects with Bret during his otherwise standard presentation, to find that Bret has the Azure computing resources he needs to survive and escape!

Can Bret help Daniel get the computing resources he needs to survive? 

Will Martians discover Daniel and come for a visit? 

Only time will tell, but for now, you can learn more about the Microsoft Azure resources Bret recommends to Daniel at

Have questions on how you can use these resources in your 2016 NASA Space Apps Challenge hack?  Email us with your technical questions at






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    Katie Smith

    Awesome job on this guys! I was told it was a big hit at the first Meet-Up for the NASA Space Apps Challenge in Pasadena!

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