Bytes by MSDN: Adam Grocholski and Mickey Williams discuss Cloud Computing

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Adam Grocholski, Partner at RBA Consulting, takes the time to discuss with Mickey Williams about the latest announcements in cloud computing.

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About Adam

Adam currently works for RBA Consulting as a Microsoft .NET consultant. He works with clients to design and implement Microsoft solutions to solve real-world business problems.  Adam is excited about what he does for a living and the people he works with. Not many people can make a claim like that.

Adam is an early adopter as well as a strong supporter of the local technology community. What does this mean? Well, on the one hand it means he downloads a lot of beta stuff to take it for a spin. Currently, he's focused on Silverlight 4 and Windows Azure (these two things are going to be HUGE by the way, in case you hadn't heard). On the other hand, it means that he's a big believer in getting folks that do what we do together to discuss technology, network, and be social. To that end Adam does things like speak at the local Silverlight user group, work with others to start up a new user group around Windows Azure and other Microsoft-related cloud technologies, organize nerd dinners, and speak at Code Camp.

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