Bytes by MSDN: Brian Harry and Tim Huckaby discuss Team Foundation Server (TFS), Cloud, Window Azure and Visual Studio

Play Bytes by MSDN: Brian Harry and Tim Huckaby discuss Team Foundation Server (TFS), Cloud, Window Azure and Visual Studio
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Join Tim Huckaby, Founder of InterKnowlogy and Actus Interactive Software, and Brian Harry, Technical Fellow for Microsoft, as they discuss Team Foundation Server (TFS), Cloud, Window Azure and Visual Studio. Brian talks about bringing TFS to cloud services and his favorite features. Find out how you can use Windows Azure to set up a new build and the cadence of feature releases. Great interview with the father of Visual SourceSafe!

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About Brian

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Brian Harry is a Microsoft Technical Fellow working as the Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server - a server-based product designed to dramatically improve the productivity, predictability, and agility of software development teams by ensuring that all team members have easy access to the information they need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Harry worked at start up DaVinci Systems doing electronic mail software from 1988 to 1992. In 1992 Harry left DaVinci Systems with two others to create One Tree Software. One Tree, was a classic garage-type startup company that developed and sold SourceSafe (the same product that is now Microsoft Visual SourceSafe). One Tree Software was acquired by Microsoft in 1994.

After joining Microsoft, Harry worked in what was then the Tools and Databases division. For a couple of years he worked on SourceSafe and then on Microsoft Repository. In 1996 he and others began working on the problem of improving the approachability of API for the developer masses. Although this started as investigation of ways to extend COM it eventually grew into what we now know as the .NET Framework. Harry served as the Development manager for the Common Language Runtime and then as the PUM through the rest of the V1 and most of the V1.1 product cycle.

For personal reasons, Harry chose to move back to North Carolina at the end of 2002. Fortunately there was a great opportunity to open a development center there and continue to build tools to serve developers for Microsoft. Harry has built a team of about 50-60 people in NC who work on the Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team System for Testers products. In late 2005 and early 2006 V1 of both of these products shipped to substantial customer excitement.

Harry has had a passion for software development tools that dates to his college years in the mid-1980s at North Carolina State University where he did research on compilers, linkers, assemblers, and processor simulation systems.

Outside of work, Harry's primary passions are family and wood working. Harry has a substantial wood working shop and builds all sorts of wooden objects with a strong emphasis on the lathe. Harry is also very active with his children, serving as a leader in his sons' Cub Scout troop

About Tim

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Tim Huckaby is focused on the Natural User Interface (NUI) in Rich Client and Rich Internet Application (RIA) Technologies like Silverlight & WPF on the computer, the Surface, and Windows Phone 7. He has been called a "Pioneer of the Smart Client Revolution" by the press.

Tim has been awarded multiple times for the highest rated Keynote and technical presentations for Microsoft and numerous other technology conferences around the world by Microsoft Corporation.

Tim has done presentations on Microsoft technologies at technology events like Microsoft Tech Ed, Product Launch events, Dev Days, MEC, World Wide Partner Conference, MGB, MGX, and the PDC, along with 3rd party technology conferences all over the world is consistently rated in the top 10% of all speakers at these events. Tim was selected by Microsoft as a speaker for the International .NET Association and speaks at events world-wide on Microsoft's behalf. Tim has done keynote demos at big Microsoft events and product launches for numerous Microsoft executives including Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Tim founded InterKnowlogy, experts in Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Platforms, and Actus Interactive Software, and has 25+ years' experience including serving on a Microsoft product team as a development lead on an architecture team. Tim is a Microsoft Regional Director, an MVP and serves on multiple Microsoft councils and boards like the Microsoft .NET Partner Advisory Council.

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