Bytes by MSDN: Bruno Terkaly and Dave Nielsen on Windows Azure Mobile Appps

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What`s powering the mass consumerization of mobile applications? The cloud. Join this cloud discussion with Bruno Terkaly, Microsoft Senior Developer Evangelist, and Dave Nielsen, Co-founder of CloudCamp & Principal at Platform D. With 4.5 billion mobile devices around the globe, the cloud enables scale in terms of power and storage to support potentially growing markets. Bruno and Dave also discuss how sites like Flickr, with massive storage needs and a growing user base, scale by using the cloud. Tune in to the end, of this short video, to receive instructions on how to access your free 30-day pass to a Windows Azure account.

About Bruno Terkaly

Like James Bond on secret assignment, Bruno spent his pre-MSDN Events days as a Microsoft premier field engineer – traveling around the clock to solve the most hair-raising client problems and meltdowns. From Asia to Latin America to Europe and Canada, Bruno has taught in nuclear power plants, assisted with life-or-death medical applications, and debugged multi-million-dollar financial trading software. Bruno has a finance and accounting degree from UC Berkeley and worked for several years as a money manager. Developing financial models to construct low-risk, high-return investment portfolios sparked his interest in computing, and the rest is self-taught history. Bruno brings two decades of worldwide training experience to his MSDN presentations, instructing students on C#, .NET, C++, SharePoint, J++, HTML, Web Parts and much more. He's a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer with a wide array of platforms in his repertoire, a seasoned author and Microsoft channel partner trainer, and a confirmed thrill seeker. Bruno's also a stand-up comedy connoisseur who works hard to make his audiences laugh – just like his role model, Anders Hejlsberg.


About Dave Nielsen

Dave Nielsen, Co-founder of CloudCamp & Principal at Platform D, is a world-renowned Cloud Computing strategy consultant and speaker. He is also the founder of CloudCamp, a series of more than 200 unconferences, all over the world, where he enjoys engaging in discussions with developers & executives about the benefits, challenges & opportunities of Cloud Computing. Prior to CloudCamp, Dave worked at PayPal where he ran the PayPal Developer Network & Strikeiron where he managed Partner Programs.


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