Bytes by MSDN: Dave Nielsen explains Cloud Computing in 4 Simple Words

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What is Cloud Computing? Join Dave Nielsen, who runs hundreds of Cloud Camps, to find out exactly what Cloud Computing is all about. When you`re done watching this short video, you`ll even be able to explain Cloud Computing to your mom! By using just these four simple words: on-demand, self-service, scaleable, and measurable, Dave helps us simplify the concept and truly understand Cloud Computing.

About Dave Nielsen

Dave Nielsen is a world-renowned Cloud Computing strategy consultant and speaker. He is also the founder of CloudCamp, a series of more than 200 unconferences, all over the world, where he enjoys engaging in discussions with developers & executives about the benefits, challenges & opportunities of Cloud Computing. Prior to CloudCamp, Dave worked at PayPal where he ran the PayPal Developer Network & Strikeiron where he managed Partner Programs.

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The Discussion

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    Cloud Computing is OSSM read as awesome
    Cloud computing in 4 characters is OSSM
    O = on-demand = service is setup & ready for u
    S = self-service = u turn it on or off when u want
    S = scallable = get more resources as you need
    M = measurable = u get what u pay for


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