Bytes by MSDN: Erik Mork and Tim Huckaby discuss Silverlight & Microsoft Developer Tools

Play Bytes by MSDN: Erik Mork and Tim Huckaby discuss Silverlight & Microsoft Developer Tools
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Erik Mork, Founder of Silver Bay Labs, shares his passion for Silverlight and development tools for the Microsoft platforms.

About Erik

Erik is passionate about the future of applications on the Web and on mobile devices. He sees Silverlight as a way to make the apps he's dreamed of. In fact, when he heard that Silverlight was on the horizon, he quit his full-time job and started looking for Silverlight work. Thankfully he didn't starve, and he found freelance projects such as the Heroes Happen Here Silverlight 1 site and Microsoft internal training materials. The Silverlight Consulting company he founded (Silver Bay Labs LLC)  has gone on to become a preeminent source of Silverlight services including high-value consulting, Silverlight mentoring, and Silverlight custom development. When not working on the next generation of Web and mobile applications, Erik is teaching on the Silverlight Tour, podcasting on Silverlight topics, creating Silverlight screencasts, running the Portland Silverlight User Group, and creating Silverlight Open Source projects. Erik is honored to be a Microsoft Silverlight MVP.

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