Bytes by MSDN: Jim Griesmer and Jerry Nixon discuss Visual Studio Graphics & Tools for Game Developers

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Join Jerry Nixon, Developer Evangelist for Microsoft and Jim Griesmer, Sr. Development Lead Microsoft on C++ and Graphics IDE team. Jim talks about how game developers using DirectX can use Windows PIX as a graphic diagnosis tool. Tune in and find out how Visual Studio is bringing tools that triple A game studios have been using for years to the masses.

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About Jim

Jim Griesmer has worked at Microsoft since 1995 mostly as a developer, then development lead for the Visual Studio Debugger. Jim's most recent role is with the Visual C++ team as development lead responsible for C++ productivity tooling, including graphics and GPU diagnostics, features such as Intellisenseâ„¢, and the C++ project and build system. Jim has always been strongly drawn to innovative and highly functional UI so he invests much time "investigating" the state-of-the-art in UI interaction by "using" games.


About Jerry

Jerry Nixon is a Microsoft Developer Evangelist in Colorado. He has been developing and designing on the Microsoft platform for 15 years. He speaks at universities, events and groups on Kinect, XAML, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. Most of Jerry's days are spent teaching his three daughters Star Trek character backstories and episode plots.


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